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Loss guarantee

Becoming a member of My Pages provides you with a range of benefits. Our Loss guarantee is a smart solution for all those who travel with Västtrafik. If you are unlucky enough to lose your card, you can block it and we will send a new Västtrafikkort to your home address with the same credit that was on your lost card. The Loss guarantee is completely free of charge.

Three simple steps to using the Loss guarantee

1. Become a member in the menu on the left.
2. The Loss guarantee is activated automatically when you register your card(s) on My Pages.
3. If you lose your card, you can block it on My Pages and get a new one with the same credit on it.   

Already a member?

Log in to My Pages to use the Loss guarantee. Remember to register all your Västtrafikkort cards so that they are all covered by the Loss guarantee.


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