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  • Leisure 100 for all child journeys in the summer

    2013-05-28 kl 14:37

    The summertime, when school cards are not valid, can often be an expensive period for children's travel. That's when Leisure 100 can save the day.

  • Subscribe for information about your journey

    2013-04-03 kl 14:00

    Naturally, we aim to run all our services on time and hope that no roadworks, snow or other events put a spoke in the wheel for us. But the reality is sometimes different, and various things can prevent traffic flowing normally. To make sure you stay up to date about any problems with your journey, you can subscribe to disruption information. You will then receive a message from us on your mobile if your service is delayed or affected in any other way. Useful, for example, for the journey to work, when you might use the same service each morning. What to do:

  • New shop in Frölunda in Gothenburg shows the way

    2013-03-18 kl 15:44

    In March we opened the doors on our new shop concept. Trollhättan was the first to get the facelift at the new Trollhättan station shop, which opened on 11 March. 23 March saw the opening of our new travel centre, complete with new Västtrafik shop, in Frölunda, Gothenburg.

  • Technical problems

    2012-10-01 kl 15:06

    We are currently experiencing problems displaying the purchase and travel history, adding new cards, etc. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

  • How to find out about service disruptions

    2012-09-17 kl 13:08

    Naturally, we aim to run all our buses, trams, trains and ferries on time and on the routes indicated in the timetable. But sometimes things happen that prevent us from doing so. Roadworks, snow storms and special events are just some reasons why we sometimes have to change routes or possibly run late. In order to minimise the effect on you, we report all diversions and major delays as soon as we become aware of them. Here is a brief overview of where you can find information about service disruptions affecting your journey.

  • Four travel for the price of one

    2012-05-02 kl 09:00

    Did you know that if you are 20 or over and are travelling on a period card or a 24-hour or 72-hour card, you can take up to three people under the age of 20 with you on Västtrafik's vehicles within the Västtrafik area at no extra cost? Great for taking your children on a day out, for example.

  • We keep an eye on your journey for you

    2012-03-08 kl 12:45

    We can now keep an eye on your upcoming journey for you. If there is any bad news, such as delays or cancellations, we will tell you straight away by sms or e-mail.

  • Try the car pool free of charge

    2012-03-07 kl 14:17

    As a member of My Pages you are entitled to a three-month trial period with Göteborgs bilkoop or Sunfleet Carsharing free of charge. At Sunfleet there is an additional initial cost of SEK 295 when you register, but after that you don't have to pay any deposit or membership fee. During the trial period, you can use the cars at the same cost as ordinary members and only pay the hourly rate and mileage cost.

  • Bad news? Then come and see us on Facebook

    2012-03-07 kl 12:48

    Why not visit our Facebook page? There we will answer your questions, receive your suggestions and listen to your complaints. Hopefully this will make any traffic hassles a little easier to bear.


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