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Try the car pool free of charge

2012-03-07 kl 14:17

As a member of My Pages you are entitled to a three-month free trial with Göteborgs bilkoop or Sunfleet Carsharing. At Sunfleet there is an additional initial cost of SEK 295 when you register, but otherwise there is no deposit or membership fee to pay. During the trial period, you can use the cars at the same cost as ordinary members and only pay the hourly rate and mileage cost.

To use your free trial of Göteborgs Bilkoop, print out a form from their website, fill it in and send it back.

To try out Sunfleet, go to Private and click Join. Enter VT as the prefix and the number on your Västtrafik card as the special offer code.

 Göteborgs Bilkoop

Read more about the rules that apply to Göteborgs bilkoop.

Sunfleet logo

Read more about the rules that apply to Sunfleet Carsharing.

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