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Swedish Data Protection Act

It is absolutely not necessary to register on "My Pages" and use the services in order to travel with Västtrafik. But it is beneficial since, for example, it allows you to disable your Västtrafik card if you lose it and refer to your purchase and travel transactions in the event of any possible claims.

Västtrafik takes responsibility for any personal details you choose to send us. The information will be handled in full confidentiality and according to the Personal Data Act.

We store your personal ID number, first name, surname, residential address, phone number and e-mail address. We also register your mobile phone number and travel routines if you choose to enter this information. Address information is taken monthly from SPAR (Statens Person Adress Register) and is updated continually with any changes to name or address. You can easily check the details you have given us via My Pages.

Västtrafik also registers your purchase and travel transactions. Only those people registered on the Västtrafik card have the right to access this information. Otherwise, travel details are confidential information according to the Privacy and Secrecy Act section 26, § 3, paragraph 1:a.

How are my personal details used?

Your details are used to provide you with adapted and relevant information. And also to develop our services and improve travel in the long term for as many people as possible by gaining information on how large groups of people travel.

The information may be used for market analysis purposes. All these aspects are totally voluntary. If you choose to be part of our customer panel, you will be contacted either on My Pages or by e-mail or telephone.

Can my details be passed on?

Your details are only used by Västtrafik and against the population register for address updating. If you agree, your details can also be forwarded to our working partners for marketing purposes and surveys on Västtrafik's behalf.

How long will Västtrafik keep my details?

Your personal details will be kept by Västtrafik until you choose to deregister. Your purchase and travel transactions are available to you on My Pages for 90 days. This information is then removed and archived.

Once per calendar year you can request a transcript of your register, free of charge. Send your request to:

Västtrafik AB
Box 123
SE-541 23 Skövde

This information will be sent to your registered address within one month. Your request must be compiled and signed by you and include your name and ID number. If your personal details are incomplete or incorrect, you have the right to demand their correction or to deregister.


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