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Watch journey – how it works

You can track journeys you make often and be notified if there is any problem with the journey. This service is currently available in our apps for iPhone and Android (the images are from the iPhone but it works the same in Android).

All you need to do is:

1. Search for the journey you want to watch and then press on the journey to see the details. Right at the bottom you will see a button called "Watch this journey."

Search for the journey you want to watch, press on the journey for details och the Watch this journey button.

2. You can set how you want to watch the journey. "Warn no earlier than" indicates how far in advance you want to be notified of any problems. Because maybe you don't want to be woken up two hours early in the morning to be told that your journey is delayed. If you do not change this setting, we will notify you 30 minutes before your departure time. The next thing you can change is how long a delay needs to be before you receive a message. The standard setting is at least 5 minutes. Finally, you can use the "Repeat" setting to choose whether you just want to watch a journey once or more than once. If you just want to watch your journey once, you can skip section 3.

To set how to watch the journey.

3. Select which days you want the journey to be watched. You can currently only watch a journey as far ahead as we have traffic data for in the travel planner. This is normally three months. The watch then disappears automatically and you have to start a new watch. Once you have made your settings, confirm your watch by clicking on the back button in the top left-hand corner.

Select which days to watch the journey.

4. Now press the "Watch this journey" button.


5. You will receive confirmation that looks like this:

The confirmation looks like this.


How you will see if there is a problem

1. If any problems arise with your journey, you will receive notification of this on your phone.


2. Click on the message to see what the problems are. In this example, you cannot change at Järnvågen, as the Blue Express is expected to depart one minute too early.

Click the notification to see what the problems are. In this example, you cannot change.

3. You can also see and read your unread notifications under the Watch menu at the bottom right. Bear in mind that even if it says you have an unread notification here, you cannot be sure it will still be there when you come to read it. Once the journey has departed, the text about service disruption will disappear.

A summary of all watches and problems.


  • If you do not receive any notification of disruption, this does not necessarily mean that there is no disruption. Västtrafik may not be aware of it, or the line may not have real-time systems, meaning that we are unable to notify you about it.
  • You can have up to ten watches running at the same time.
  • You can watch journeys as far ahead as we have traffic data for in the travel planner. Normally three months. The watch then disappears automatically.
  • This service is free of charge, but you will have to pay any charges that your mobile operator may apply for data traffic, as with most other apps.


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