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Purchase conditions

The conditions vary slightly depending on the type of ticket or card account in question. Here you can read more about the conditions regarding our different types of card and ticket.

Your right to travel is dependent on there being enough space.

All exchanges and claims must be made at one of our Västtrafik shops. You must always be able to show your receipt for a purchase.

There is no limit to how many times a Västtrafik card can be reloaded or topped up. But, of course, a card doesn't last forever. The lifespan of your card is shown on the receipt you get when you top it up or request during a ticket control. The expiry date of your card is also given in My pages. Read more about the card's validity here.

  • Where to buy your ticket

    • At Västtrafik’s points of sale
    • In the Västtrafik To Go app
    • Using the Auto top-up service
    • From ticket dispensers on trams and at some stops
    • From the driver or on-board staff on some vehicles.

    How to pay for your ticket

    You can pay for your ticket with a payment card or in cash. More information about the payment options that are available on board our vehicles and through our sales channels can be found on Västtrafik’s website.

    You can pay by payment card in the Västtrafik To Go app.

    Pay using “Auto top-up”

    You can link your Västtrafikkort to the “Auto top-up” service. With “Auto top-up period” a new period is added when the current one ends and with “Auto top-up pay-as-you-go” the card is topped up with SEK 200 when the balance falls to or below zero. The top-up takes place automatically when you present your Västtrafikkort to a card reader.

    You can cancel an automatic purchase by presenting your card to a card reader and pressing the “Å” button. You must do this within ten minutes of the purchase.

    Order “Auto top-up”

    To order the Auto top-up service, you must be at least 18 years of age and be registered as a Västtrafik customer on My Pages. You must provide your correct mobile phone number and email address so that Västtrafik can communicate with you by text message and email.

    Once you have ordered the Auto top-up service the first purchase is made. You must activate the Auto top-up service by presenting your card to a card reader within 180 days of ordering it, otherwise it will become invalid and you will not be given a refund. This applies to both period tickets and pay-as-you-go purchased using the Auto top-up service.

    Please note that it can take up to seven days from the date of ordering before the service is available and that you must present your Västtrafikkort to a card reader in order to activate the service.

    Cancel “Auto top-up”

    You can cancel the Auto top-up service on Västtrafik’s website under My Pages. To ensure that a new period is not started, you must cancel the service no later than eight days before your validity period expires.

    Please note that it can take up to seven days from the date of cancellation for the service to be cancelled. If you auto top-up the card during this time, the above terms and conditions apply. 

    Västtrafik has the right to terminate the Auto top-up service where:

    • Payment is not approved or allowed
    • The passenger is in breach of Västtrafik’s terms and conditions of purchase and travel
    • The passenger abuses the service
    • The service is altered or withdrawn.

    Vouchers and gift cards

    You can use Västtrafik vouchers to pay at Västtrafik’s points of sale but not on board vehicles. No change is paid.

    You can use Västtrafik gift cards to buy tickets. Gift cards are valid for one year from purchase.

    Receipt and delivery

    Tickets are delivered in several ways. Tickets delivered to a Västtrafikkort or a mobile device are linked to the card or device to which they are delivered.

    You will always be offered a receipt when you make a purchase at one of Västtrafik’s points of sale.

    If you are registered on My Pages, you can view your purchases there.


    If you need to activate your ticket yourself after purchase, it is your responsibility to check that the validity conditions of the ticket have not changed since you bought it. If, for example, you buy a youth ticket just before your 20th birthday but do not activate it until after your 20th birthday, you will need to buy a supplement in order for the ticket to be valid for an adult.

    Ticket validity

    The ticket is valid for travel in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply when it is activated (see Activation above).

    The validity period and the zones in which the ticket is valid vary depending on the type of ticket.

    Loss and blocking of tickets

    You are responsible for your ticket.

    Västtrafik can only pay compensation if the loss is the result of circumstances for which Västtrafik is responsible. Västtrafik is not responsible for technical problems at other parties, such as internet service providers, or for technical problems with a mobile device, etc.

    If you are registered on My Pages, there is a loss guarantee for period tickets and pay-as-you-go tickets. Some tickets can be blocked.

    A mobile ticket is linked to the mobile device used to purchase it. If the mobile ticket is registered and linked to your account on My Pages, you can transfer the ticket to a different mobile device. You may need to do this if you lose your mobile device, for example. You can make this kind of transfer no more than twice in any 30-day period.

    If the unauthorised use or misuse of a mobile ticket is suspected, Västtrafik can fully or partially block the ticket and/or access to the Västtrafik To Go app without prior warning. Västtrafik also has the right to apply a block if this is necessary for technical, security or other reasons in order to protect the interests of customers, third parties or itself.

    Exchanges and refunds

    There is no cooling-off period when you buy a ticket.

    Tickets can only be refunded or exchanged if this is stated in the terms and conditions that apply for the specific ticket type or if the passenger is entitled to a refund under the Swedish Act on the Rights of Public Transport Passengers. 


    If your ticket is incorrect or is delivered late, you can make a claim for this from Västtrafik Customer Service. If there is an error on a ticket you have purchased, you must make a claim within 60 days. Use the claim form provided here on Västtrafik’s website.

    If you suspect an error after travelling using pay-as-you-go, you can report the error on Västtrafik’s website under My Pages. You must submit such a claim no sooner than 48 hours after your journey and no later than 60 days after your journey.

    You can get help with a damaged Västtrafikkort in a Västtrafik shop or from transport staff and at points of sale.

    Personal information

    Västtrafik is the controller of personal data for the processing of the personal information you provide. When you provide information, you consent to Västtrafik processing it for the purposes described here.

    Västtrafik stores your personal identity number, first name, surname, residential address, telephone number and email address. Västtrafik also records your mobile phone number and travel habits. Every month, Västtrafik retrieves address information from Statens personadressregister (SPAR) and updates any change of address or change of name. On My Pages you can see what information Västtrafik has stored about you.

    Västtrafik also records purchase and travel transactions. The purchase and travel history may be classified as confidential under the Swedish Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act.

    When you make a payment using a payment card, Västtrafik works with DIBS Payment Services AB to check the purchase. No sensitive information about your payment card is provided to Västtrafik and DIBS guarantees that this payment method complies with the security requirements of the banks.

    The personal information recorded is used to enable Västtrafik to fulfil its obligations, to provide services to Västtrafik’s passengers, such as ticket purchases, requests for refunds or delay compensation, and to handle enquiries made to Västtrafik’s Customer Services. Personal information may also be used during ticket inspections in order to verify a ticket’s validity and in order to provide information and offers regarding Västtrafik’s products and services. In some cases information may be used in market research surveys, participation in which is voluntary.

    Västtrafik only provides personal information to suppliers working on behalf of Västtrafik, unless other disclosure is required by law, ordinance or public authority regulation, or is otherwise necessary in order to allow us to fulfil our obligations to you.

    Once per calendar year you can request to receive information free of charge about the personal data Västtrafik holds about you. You can request the correction of incorrect or incomplete information at any time.

    You should send your request for information or for the correction of incorrect data to:

    Västtrafik AB

    Box 123
    541 23 Skövde

    The personal information recorded about you is stored by Västtrafik until you choose to deregister as a passenger. You can view your purchases and travel history on My Pages for 90 days. This information is then pared down and archived.


    Västtrafik uses cookies, which are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you use our website and our apps. These store information such as personal settings, which allow us to track your use of Västtrafik’s website or apps and personalise your visit. By visiting Västtrafik’s website and apps you consent to Västtrafik’s use of cookies. Västtrafik does not use third-party cookies. If you want to know when your device receives a cookie, you can set up notification of this in your web browser. This enables you to accept or reject a cookie. You can also set your device to reject all cookies.

    Lifespan of your Västtrafikkort

    The Västtrafikkort has a limited lifespan. Cards bought before November 2012 can be used for up to five years. Cards bought from November 2012 onwards can be used for up to eleven years. You can find information about the lifespan of your card on the receipt given to you when you buy a ticket that is added to the card and on My Pages on Västtrafik’s website.

    Cards that are approaching their expiry date can be exchanged in a Västtrafik shop, by transport staff or at a point of sale. Any tickets or money on the card will be transferred to the new card.

    Replacement of the ticketing system

    If Västtrafik replaces its ticketing system, it may be necessary to replace tickets. If so, this will take place over a transitional period of 24 months.

    Expired tickets

    Some expired tickets can be redeemed. 

    Corporate customers

    For passengers travelling using company cards, both the general terms and conditions of travel and the special terms and conditions of purchase for corporate customers apply.

  • Purchase and payment of period tickets

    You can buy period tickets in Västtrafik shops, at Västtrafik’s points of sale and as mobile tickets in the Västtrafik To Go app. In some areas, period tickets are also sold on board vehicles. Period tickets that are not purchased using the Västtrafik To Go app must be loaded onto a Västtrafikkort. 

    Activating a period ticket

    A period ticket on a Västtrafikkort is activated when you make your first journey with it. You can also choose a specific activation date when you buy your period ticket. The ticket must be activated within 180 days of purchase, otherwise it will become invalid. Period tickets purchased using the Västtrafik To Go app are activated at a date of your choice, however no more than within 30 days of the time of purchase.

    If you top up your card with more than one period ticket at the same time, it is important to remember that each period ticket is subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time it is activated. If, for example, you buy youth tickets just before your 20th birthday but do not activate them until after your 20th birthday, you will need to buy a supplement in order for the tickets to be valid for an adult.

    Exchanging period tickets

    You can exchange a period ticket to another ticket within 180 days of purchase if it has not yet been activated. If you have activated the period ticket, you can exchange it for another ticket product within 24 hours of activation. This does not apply to Chalmers top-ups.

    A period ticket can be refunded if Västtrafik changes the transport services available. In this case, the services available must have changed more than you could reasonably presume at the time of purchase. The change must also be of substantial importance for you. In such cases the value remaining at the time of the refund will be refunded.

    Period ticket validity

    You can see the validity period of your period ticket and the zone or zones for which it is valid on the receipt, at a card reader or on a card check.

  • Purchase and payment of pay-as-you-go top-ups

    You can buy a pay-as-you-go top-up in Västtrafik shops, at Västtrafik’s points of sale and, in some areas, on board vehicles. .

    You can create a pay-as-you-go account on the card by topping it up with money. You can do this at Västtrafik shops, at Västtrafik’s points of sale and on some vehicles. You can then use your card to pay for travel on board Västtrafik’s vehicles. 

    Deposit for pay-as-you-go cards

    The first time you buy a Västtrafikkort with pay-as-you-go, you pay a deposit of SEK 50. You can use this to pay for travel if the balance on your card is lower than the cost of your journey. If the card is cancelled before it expires, this deposit is not refunded. 

    Activating pay-as-you-go

    Pay-as-you-go does not need to be activated. The card is ready to use as soon as it has been topped up.

    When you present your Västtrafikkort to a card reader, the fare is deducted from the balance on your card. You may need to press the buttons on the card reader and present your card again if you change lines and services when travelling through more than one zone.

    Exchanging pay-as-you-go

    You can use your pay-as-you-go balance as part payment or full payment for another ticket.

    Validity of pay-as-you-go

    You can travel using pay-as-you-go across one or more zones. If you are travelling within one zone, you can change lines within 90 minutes of your first check-in. If you are travelling between several zones, the change time is 90 minutes from when you checked out in the new zone. If you travel to a further zone, the 90-minute change time applies there in the same way, but only if it has been less than 180 minutes since your first check-in.

    If pay-as-you-go is withdrawn from the ticket range, for example if the ticketing system is changed or for technical reasons, you will need to exchange your pay-as-you-go balance for a replacement ticket of your choice. Such exchange must be made during a transitional period of 12 months from the date when Västtrafik announced on its website that pay-as-you-go is to be withdrawn from the ticket range. You cannot choose to have the balance or the deposit paid to you in cash.

  • Purchase and payment of single tickets

    You can buy single tickets through all sales channels apart from the Auto top-up service, as well as on buses in Gothenburg, Partille and Mölndal. You can buy them as a paper ticket or on a Västtrafikkort. You can have a mobile ticket sent to your mobile device using the Västtrafik To Go app.

    Activating a single ticket

    A paper ticket or a mobile ticket is activated and becomes valid as soon as it is purchased.

    Tickets on a Västtrafikkort become valid once they are presented to a card reader and they must be activated within 365 days of purchase.

    Validity of single tickets

    Your ticket is valid for 90 minutes if you are travelling in one zone and for 180 minutes if you are travelling across several zones, starting from the time of purchase.

    The zone or zones for which your ticket is valid are stated on the ticket.

    If you are travelling between zones, you are not permitted to pass through a zone where the total fare from your start zone is higher than the price of the ticket you have already purchased.

    Bridging ticket

    You can extend the validity of a single ticket to more zones by purchasing a bridging ticket (not available for mobile tickets). You must do this before you have passed through the first zone and within the change time for your single ticket. The change time is calculated on the basis of the ticket you purchased last. Your single ticket is used for part payment when you buy a bridging ticket.

    Bridging tickets cannot be bought to extend the validity of tickets purchased using the Västtrafik To Go app.

  • 1-day and 3-day tickets

    1-day and 3-day tickets are period tickets you can use for unlimited travel within the area stated on the ticket for 24 hours with a 1-day ticket and for 72 hours with a 3-day ticket.

    1-day and 3-day tickets on a Västtrafikkort become valid when they are used for the first time, but no later than 90 days after purchase, otherwise they expire. Unactivated 1-day and 3-day tickets can be exchanged within 90 days of purchase.

    1-day and 3-day paper tickets become valid at the time of purchase and cannot be exchanged.

    5-trip card

    5-trip cards are no longer offered as part of our range, but existing cards can be used for up to 500 days from the date of purchase. 

    School cards

    School cards are owned by the school, are personal to the holder and their validity varies depending on the municipality.

    School cards are not valid for travel with Ronden. The Kungsbacka school card is not valid for travel with Öresundståg trains.

    The accompanying passenger offer does not apply to school cards, nor can they be used as part payment for travel with SJ and Tågab.

    If you lose your school card, you should contact your school office, which will block your card and order a replacement card.

    If you are going to primary or lower secondary school and you leave your school card at home, you can still travel to school. At school, you should ask the school office for a “ticket for the trip home”.

    If you go to secondary school and you leave your school card at home, you must pay for your journeys to and from school yourself.

    If your school card is not working, you should ask the transport staff for help. If there is a problem with the card you will be given a temporary ticket. You should show this ticket to the school office, which will order a new card and give you a “Temporary school card” which you can use until the new card arrives.

    Leisure 100 days

    Leisure 100 days is a period ticket for youths. It is valid for 100 days for unlimited travel with Västtrafik on weekdays between 2 pm and 4 am and all day long at weekends and during school holidays.

    The ticket must be activated within 180 days of purchase. It must be activated before the youth reaches the age of 20 and can then be used for the full 100 days.

    Certificate card

    Västtrafik’s certificate card is available to anyone with a “benefit claimant certificate” from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. The card allows you to travel using Västtrafik’s youth period tickets, whatever your age. This offer does not include other tickets, such as pay-as-you-go.

    The certificate card is usually valid for three years but this may vary depending on your certificate from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. The card acts only as a certificate and cannot be loaded with a ticket.

    Your certificate card is personal to you and the expiry date and your name are printed on the back. At a ticket inspection, you must be able to show a valid ticket, your certificate card and valid ID corresponding to the name on the card.

    Gothenburg Extension

    Gothenburg Extension is a termly period card for youths that is valid for unlimited travel with Västtrafik within Gothenburg municipality on weekdays between 2 pm and 4 am and all day long at weekends and during school holidays.

    Chalmers card

    The Chalmers card is a Västtrafikkort with a Chalmers top-up. The card is available only to staff and students studying at least part time (15 credits per semester) at Chalmers University of Technology.

    A Chalmers top-up is a termly period ticket that is valid all day long on lines 16, 16X and 55. Employees are only permitted to use the card for travel on business. Your Chalmers top-up is personal to you and you must write your name on the back of the card at the time of purchase. At a ticket inspection, you must be able to show ID as well as evidence that you work or study at Chalmers University of Technology.

    This top-up is not eligible for Västtrafik’s accompanying passenger offer. A refund is only provided if you are entitled to one under the Swedish Act on the Rights of Public Transport Passengers.

    If your studies or your employment end, you are no longer entitled to travel using the Chalmers top-up. If you have pay-as-you-go or another Västtrafik product on your Chalmers card, you can continue to travel using this product.

    Senior citizens card

    Several municipal authorities offer their senior citizens registered in the population register free travel within their municipal zone with Västtrafik’s senior citizens card. The terms and conditions vary depending on the municipality.

    The senior citizens account on the card is personal to you and you must be able to show ID at a ticket inspection. You can load other Västtrafik products onto the senior citizens card (such as pay-as-you-go). If the ticket is not a personal ticket, you can let someone else use it for travel. 

    Archipelago ferry services

    Separate fares apply on some archipelago ferry services.

    Göteborg City Card

    The Göteborg City Card is a personal card that, among other things, allows unlimited travel on Västtrafik’s vehicles in Gothenburg and in a number of neighbouring municipalities. For more information, visit

    Trial travel pass

    The Trial travel pass is a Västtrafikkort with a period ticket that is valid for unlimited travel within a specified area and for a specified period. The Trial travel pass is personal to the holder and must not be resold.

    Trial travel passes are not available for purchase and are provided by Västtrafik for marketing purposes.


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