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If you find you have bought the wrong product, you lose your card or it stops working, do as follows. You can submit your claim here.

  • Whenever you buy a ticket from our machines, on board or via our website, you pay using your bank card. If something goes wrong, fill in a form to make a claim for your purchase. You must submit your claim within 60 days.

    Download claim form for bank card purchases on board and at machines

    Download claim form for bank card purchases via our website (auto top-up or single ticket via Travel planner)

  • You can always track your pay-as-you-go trips on My Pages. If you want to make a claim relating to a trip, you must contact us within 60 days. Since it can take up to 48 hours for all the trips in our system to be registered, we ask you not to contact us sooner than 48 hours after the trip.

    Visit one of our Västtrafik shops or contact our customer service if you need help.

  • If, by mistake, you receive a card for the wrong period from one of our customer service shops, we will exchange it for you at a Västtrafik shop in accordance with our purchase conditions. If there is no Västtrafik shop close to you, call our customer service for help. Keep in mind that you must do this within 24 hours of the purchase, otherwise it is taken as being accepted.

    If you were given the wrong change after your purchase, you must refer this to the customer sales shop or transport company concerned.

  • If your card stops working, we will help you with a new one at a Västtrafik shop. If there is no shop close by, ask a driver or customer service shop for help.

  • If you have registered your card on My pages, you can disable it there directly. You can also call customer service or visit a Västtrafik shop to disable it. You will be given a new card containing the amount remaining on your previous card when you disabled it.

    To ensure that the card is not disabled by somebody other than its owner, we ask you to verify your identity by asking you a general question about your registration details such as your name and address.

  • A disabled card can only be enabled again if it was disabled via internet or phone. If your card is disabled, you have no valid ticket and you must pay your fare in some other way.

  • If you find a card, hand it in to a Västtrafik shop, customer sales shop or to the driver (if applicable).


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