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Return an old card

When you return your old value card, discount card or 20-card, you are credited with the amount remaining on it.

If you have a discount card or value card, you are credited with the amount on the card. If you have a 20-card, we deduct the value of the periods you have already used.

Please use the form below to close your account and have the deposit on your Västtrafikkort refunded.

What to do

Use the form below to send in your card. You can cash in a 100-card directly at one of our Västtrafik shops.

Download the form for cashing in cards


Are you a company customer?

If you are a company, you can be credited the sum concerned in the form of a credit invoice or vouchers.

Download the form for cashing in a 100 card

Download the form for having your deposit returned


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