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Questions and answers on single tickets via sms

  • To be able to buy services via your mobile, you must visit your mobile operator's website and register your cash card. This is due to regulations laid down by the Finance Supervisory Board. Bear in mind that registration can take several days. Visit your mobile operator's website to register your cash card.

  • We have chosen to introduce single sms tickets in the areas where most journeys are made and we currently have over 30 single sms tickets. Before we introduce more single sms tickets, we want to see which direction the technology is developing in. Our aim is to find flexible solutions where you the customer can choose the area in which your single sms ticket will be valid.

  • Are you unsure about whether the stops you want to travel between are in your zone? Look up your trip in Travel planner and select Fare to see which single sms tickets are valid for your trip.

  • Tickets usually arrive directly. If the mobile network is overloaded, it can take a little longer, but if it has not arrived within a couple of minutes, contact customer service for help.


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