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Send an sms, and get your ticket in your mobile a few seconds later. Couldn't be easier. You pay via your mobile account. The sum is drawn directly if you have a cash card.

NB: On 1 February there will be some changes to payment by sms; read more about the new rules for single sms tickets.

How to buy single sms tickets up to 31 January

  1. Open a new sms in your mobile.
  2. Enter the code for the ticket you want. (Codes vary depending on your destination in the region.) This is not case sensitive.
  3. Send the code to 724 50.
  4. You are then sent an sms, this is your ticket.

You can buy single sms tickets on Swedish mobile phones if you have a contract with any of the following networks: Tre, Halebop, Parlino, Tango, Tele2Comviq, Telenor, Telia, Ventelo and TDC. The telecom operator charges a traffic fee that is added to the fare.

You must buy a single sms ticket immediately on boarding the vehicle. Several people can pay with the same mobile providing they travel together. In this case send a separate sms for each person.

Here you will find the relevant codes and fares for your journey

Age limits

You are classed as a student and travel at a reduced rate until you reach the age of 20. Children under the age of 7 travel free of charge when accompanied. Children of 6 years of age and above may travel alone but must have their own ticket or card.

More information about Västtrafik age limits

How long is the ticket valid?

The ticket is valid from when you receive it. If you have bought a ticket for one zone, it is valid for 90 minutes. If your trip crosses one or more zone boundaries, a change time of 180 minutes applies. You may change as many times as you like during the validity time of the ticket. If the ticket is valid when you board, you can complete your trip even if the ticket becomes invalid before you reach your destination.

Are you going to travel between stops in the same zone but via stops in another zone? Read more under Questions and answers on single tickets.

Register your cash card

Your cash card must be registered for you to be able to buy single sms tickets. This is because the Finance Supervisory Board with reference to services payment legislation has stipulated that cash cards must be registered for them to be used for the purchase of services. Contact your telecom operator for more information.

It is against the law to forward tickets

It is absolutely forbidden to forward an sms ticket to another mobile phone. This would be forgery, a much more serious offence than travelling without a valid ticket.


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