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Frequently Asked Questions about single sms tickets after 1 February

From 1 February 2013, Swedish telephone network operators will no longer allow sms tickets to be paid for via your mobile phone bill or cash card. Västtrafik has therefore set up a new payment service, where you need to select your payment method with us in order to buy single sms tickets. We are also changing the number for single sms tickets to 0707 26 27 28.

How to buy a single sms ticket from 1 February

1. What is different now?

The biggest difference is the method of payment. From 1 February, you will no longer be able to pay for our single sms tickets via your mobile phone bill or cash card. Instead you need to choose the payment method on our website. You can pay by bank card, credit card or invoice. When you want to buy a ticket, you send an sms containing a code to Västtrafik, just as you do today. The codes will be the same as before, but the number you need to send them to is changing to: 0707 26 27 28

2. How do I pay from 1 February?

You can choose to pay by bank card, credit card or invoice. If you choose bank card or credit card, the payment will be taken straight away. If you pay by invoice, you will receive a combined invoice for all your purchases that month. If you select invoice as the method of payment, a credit check will be performed. You will receive the invoice the month after you make your purchase. So, anything you buy in February will be invoiced in March, and so on. Initially we are only offering invoice via sms, but you will soon be able to switch to paper invoice or e-invoice.

If you choose invoice as the method of payment, the invoice will be sent by Collector.

Please note that you cannot pay by invoice if your phone is registered to your employer and you will only be able to pay by bank card in this case.

Select payment method

3. How do I select a payment method?

The easiest and best way to do this is here on Västtrafik’s website. Then you can be sure that buying a single sms ticket will be quick and easy wherever you are. You can also do it by sms if you are stood at a stop and have not yet registered.

If we are unable to approve payment by invoice for you, this may be because:

  • The mobile number is registered to your employer
  • You have an unregistered cash card
  • You have a protected number
  • Your details in the national register do not match those at your mobile service provider
  • Your mobile number is not published, for example on Eniro
  • The credit check failed

However you register, a customer profile will be created for you, which you can change later (see question below). You only need to register once.

4. How do I select a payment method?

You can do this on Västtrafik’s website. A customer profile will then be created for you, where you can choose your payment method – invoice or bank card or credit card. If you wish, you can register up to 5 mobile phone numbers for the same customer profile. This will enable you to get the cost for all your family's sms tickets on the same invoice or to pay the cost using the same bank or credit card.

5. How do I choose a payment method when I am stood at a stop?

If you try to buy a single sms ticket without having selected a payment method, you will receive an information sms instead of a ticket. If you reply to this message with your personal details, you will be registered quickly and you will receive a confirmation sms. You will then be able to buy your single sms ticket. With simplified registration, the invoice payment method is pre-selected, but you will receive an sms containing information about how payment will be made and how you can manage your customer profile and change the payment method to bank card payment.

6. What about children and young people?

For children and young people under the age of 18, their parent or guardian needs to enter the child’s mobile phone number on their customer profile in order for the child to be able to buy single sms tickets.

7. I have a mobile phone which my employer pays the bill for. Can I buy single sms tickets?

Yes, if you select a payment method in advance on Västtrafik’s website and select bank card as the payment method you can then travel using your work mobile. This is an improvement, as many companies currently block employees’ mobile phones from making purchases by mobile phone that are paid for through the mobile phone bill.

Please note that you cannot pay by invoice if your phone is registered to your employer and you will only be able to pay by bank card in this case.

8. What is a customer profile?

When you select a payment method, a customer profile is created, where you can log in and change your details, view the purchase history for the mobile phone numbers you have entered, print out a receipt (for example if you need to submit one to your employer), change the payment method and add or remove mobile phone numbers.

9. How is my personal information stored?

It is stored and handled in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL).

The Swedish telephone network operators and WyWallet

10. My telephone network operator is advertising something called WyWallet. What is that?

The four main telephone network operators (Telia, Telenor, Tre and Tele2) have formed a joint company which offers mobile payments via their mobile wallet, WyWallet. In order to be able to make payments via WyWallet, you must register a WyWallet customer account and put money into it in advance. WyWallet also offers payment by invoice, but charges an additional invoice fee, or payment via your mobile phone bill (applies only to private contracts, not company contracts or cash cards).

11. Why isn’t Västtrafik using WyWallet?

There are a lot of suppliers offering payment services. As Västtrafik is a public company, this service had to be put out to tender. WyWallet chose not to submit a bid and the tender was won by another supplier.

Västtrafik does not want you to have to pay money into a mobile wallet in advance before you can travel. Västtrafik already has a product similar to this in the form of a pay-as-you-go Västtrafik card and we do not want to force another one onto our customers.


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