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The conditions vary slightly depending on the type of ticket or card account in question. Here you can read more about conditions for pay-as-you-go cards.

Your right to travel is dependent on there being enough space.

Changes and claims

Pay-as-you-go cards cannot be changed and are not refundable, and any money remaining on the card is not refundable. But. If you have money remaining on the card and wish to change to a different type of account, for example, to a period account, you can use this money for the new account by loading the card until there is sufficient money to pay fully for another type of account. (It is then not possible to make part payments; the full amount for loading the new account must be available on the card.)

In the case of changes and claims go to a Västtrafik shop. You must always have a receipt for the purchase.

Refundable deposit

The first time you buy a pay-as-you-go card, you pay a refundable deposit of 50 sek. This deposit is returned to you in cash at a Västtrafik shop when you choose to terminate the card. You can also have it paid into your bank account by sending in a special deposit refund form. You will find this on the website or it can be provided by customer service. If you have a minus sum on your card, Västtrafik subtracts this from the deposit and returns the remainder to you.

Deposit refund form

Pay the correct price

You are classed as a student and travel at a reduced rate until you reach the age of 20. Request student fare when you buy your card. Children under the age of 7 travel free of charge when accompanied. Children of 6 years of age and above may travel alone but must have their own ticket or card.


A pay-as-you-go card that is not used or topped up within three years of it last being used will be cancelled. When a card is cancelled for this reason, the deposit and any credit remaining in the account cannot be refunded.

Save the receipt!

When you top-up your card, always save the receipt until you see that it has been done correctly.

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