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Period card

An unlimited number of trips over a limited period. Perfect for the regular traveller.

The most common type of period card account is valid for 30 days from the first day of travel when you activate your card against the card reader. But there are many variants. To find out which period card is best for your journey, search for your trip in Travel planner.

See a list of all period cards

Where to buy and top up your card

You can buy a card at any of our points of sale. You can then top up the same card again and again at a point of sale or Auto top-up your card at My Pages here on the website. The Auto top-up service is available for period cards that are valid for 30 days. You can also register your card at My Pages. You will then get a new one if you lose it. The following purchase conditions apply to the cards.

More information about Auto top-up

Four for the price of one

If you are 20 years of age or over, you can be accompanied by up to three people under 20 years of age at no extra cost on all Västtrafik vehicles within the Västtrafik region, except when traveling using the Leisure 100 or Gothenburg Extension period cards. Ideal for those who have discovered the benefits of commuting to work using a period card and who just want to take the children with them on a weekend trip. NB: This offer is not valid for travel with our partners (SJ, Tågab, NSB, DVVJ, Hallandstrafiken, Jönköpings Länstrafik and Värmlandstrafik) or for journeys outside Kungsbacka municipality and Västra Götaland municipality.

Flexible or set start date?

Most period cards have a flexible start, meaning that they are activated the first time they are held against a card reader. Some have a set start date. This means that you choose the date you want the card to be valid from when you buy the card. For more information about this, go to the page for the relevant type of period card.

You must start to use your period card within 180 days of purchase. We do not refund 30-day period cards, but you can exchange one if you have not already started using it.

You must be able to show a valid period card, even if there is no card reader on board

When using on-demand services or travelling with one of our partners, you will not always find a card reader on board. You must nevertheless be able to show that you have a valid ticket, so make sure you keep a card check together with your card. If your period is not activated, you can ask for a card check on any Västtrafik vehicle or in our Västtrafik shops. If the period is activated, you can ask for a card check at any of  our points of sale.


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