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The conditions vary slightly depending on the type of ticket or card account. Here you can read more about conditions for period cards.

Your right to travel is dependent on there being enough space.

Changes and claims

You must activate the account on your card within 180 days of purchase, otherwise it is cancelled. Period cards are not refundable, but you can change the account within 180 days of purchase if it has not been activated. Claims can be made and changes requested with activated cards up to 24 hours after purchase through the Västtrafik customer service.

In the case of changes and claims go to a Västtrafik shop. You must always have a receipt for the purchase.

Pay the correct price

Youths travel cheaper. A youth rate applies for period cards up until your 26th birthday. Request youth rate when you buy your card and when you top it up. Children under the age of 7 travel free of charge when accompanied. Children of 6 years of age and above may travel alone but must have their own ticket or card.

You must be able to show that you have a valid period card, even if there is no card reader on board.

Västtrafik has working arrangements with other transport companies, SJ for example, whose vehicles do not always have card readers. You must, nevertheless, be able to show that you have a valid ticket, so keep a card inspection receipt together with your card. If your period card is not activated, you can ask for a card inspection receipt on any Västtrafik vehicle or from our customer service. If the period is activated, you can get a card check from any point of sale.


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