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Questions and answers on school cards

  • Contact your school office, which will block your card and order a replacement card. Have a good look for your card before you report it missing to avoid paying the fee the school charges for arranging a new card.

  • You must return the card to the school to avoid being charged for it. If you move, the school office will decide whether you are still eligible for a school card or not.

  • If you are going to primary or secondary school, you can travel to school without your card. When you arrive, go to the school office and they will give you a “Ticket for the trip home”.  If you are at upper secondary school and travel without your school card, you must pay the fare yourself.

  • Ask the driver for help. If the card is defective, you can get a temporary ticket which you then take to the school office. They will order you a new school card. Personnel cannot provide help on all vehicles. You must then go to the school office and give them the card; they will give you a “Temporary school card” to use until a new card is arranged.

  • Schoolchildren with a school card within the Gothenburg region can upgrade it to include another area at the Västtrafik shop in Brunnsparken on payment of a fee if the schoolchild is registered in one municipality and goes to school in another municipality within the Gothenburg region or if the schoolchild goes to school in a municipality within the Gothenburg region and lives for some of the time in one or more other municipalities within the Gothenburg region.

    What to take to the Västtrafik shop in Brunnsparken
    The schoolchild must take with them the school card issued by the school and confirmation from the school of both the schoolchild's identity and the registered address(es) of the parents.

    The schoolchild/parent or guardian must pay for the upgrade for the full school year at the Västtrafik shop in Brunnsparken. If the schoolchild chooses to upgrade their school card from the spring term onwards, this can be done from 15 December and then only the cost for the spring term is payable.

     Important information

    • An upgraded card cannot be refunded.

    • Please note that the “Gothenburg primary school” and “Gothenburg upper secondary school” school cards are valid until 22:00. If the schoolchild buys an upgrade, the new card will only be valid until 19:00.

    • The “Gothenburg primary school” school card can only be upgraded in cases where schoolchildren are registered in Gothenburg municipality and go to school in another municipality and not the other way round – for example, if the schoolchild goes to school in Gothenburg and is registered in one of the adjacent municipalities. The reason for this is that Gothenburg municipality only pays for the “Gothenburg primary school” school card for schoolchildren who are registered in Gothenburg.


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