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Your school will order your school card from Västtrafik before school starts. The times and areas school cards are valid for varies for municipality to municipality. The conditions for your card are stated on it.

Keep in mind that your card is personal and is valuable, so look after it. If you lend it out, you risk paying a penalty charge.

School card validity

Your school card is valid for travel within the same zones and on the same lines as the equivalent Västtrafik period card for the corresponding area, with the following exceptions: 

  • School cards are not valid for travel with Ronden.

  • The Kungsbacka municipality school card is not valid for travel with Öresundståg trains.

  • School cards cannot be used as part payment for travel with SJ, Tågab and NSB outside their validity area. 

School cards 04:00-19:00, 04:00-19:30 and 04:00-22:00

Valid Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays) during the following periods:
2015-08-10 – 2015-12-23
2016-01-07 – 2016-06-18
2016-08-10 – 2016-09-15

School card 04:00-24:00

Valid every day during the academic year except during the summer holidays.

If you have any questions about the validity of your card, contact your school office for help.

Save your card

Remember to keep your card over the summer holiday. Your card is also valid for the first part of the next school year. See above for dates.


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