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Student discount

The student discount is available on our period tickets valid for either 30 or 90 days. The discount allows students to purchase period cards for the same price as youths.

How it works:

1. When buying a period card ask for a period card for youths. It is not necessary to show your student ID when purchasing.
2. While you are traveling, you must be able to show a valid student ID if our staff ask you to. If you forget to bring your student ID on the journey there is a ticket inspection, you can get the fee reduced if the ticket is registered on My pages. Full terms and conditions for reduction of fee.
3. If you're traveling outside the validity of the card, you can load money onto your card. The supplementary journey has no student discount. 

To be eligible for the discount

• You have to be studying on a course that allows you to receive student aid from CSN.
• You need to study a minimum of half time for at least 10 weeks and have a valid student ID from Mecenat or Studentkortet with Västtrafik's, Skånetrafiken's or SL's logo on it.

Student ID

To benefit from the student discount you need to have a valid identification document along with a valid student ID from Mecenat or Studentkortet. The student ID card must show Västtrafik's, Skånetrafiken's or SL's logo on it. The student ID can be in the form of plastic cards, an app or a Mecenat SMS certificate. 

Your student ID must be valid for the entire journey where the period card is being used.


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