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Which tickets are valid?

Passengers travelling on Västtrafik trains and replacement buses will be able to travel using their usual tickets. The replacement buses will be equipped with Västtrafik card readers, where you can check in and out your pay-as-you-go card. On replacement buses you can also buy a single ticket from the driver.

Our tickets on SJ trains

Many of Västtrafik’s trains will be cancelled during the engineering work. However, our customers can travel using our tickets on SJ trains on this section of the route. 

Period card

You can travel on SJ regional trains using a Västtrafik period card. When travelling on an SJ regional train using a Västtrafik period card, you must have a card check with you so you can show that your ticket is valid. A card check is a receipt slip that shows, among other things, when the ticket was activated. You can obtain a card check from one of our Västtrafik shops or ticket sales agents or from a driver.  

Regionen runt Xtra

You can travel using Västtrafik’s Regionen runt Xtra period card on all SJ regional trains and SJ express trains. The price of the card is reduced by SEK 500 from 3 January. The new price is SEK 3,495.

Pay-as-you-go card

SJ trains do not have a Västtrafik card reader on board, so you cannot check in and out your pay-as-you-go card on board. So if you want to travel on an SJ regional train with a pay-as-you-go card, you will need to buy a single ticket specially produced for pay-as-you-go customers in advance at Falköping travel centre or Skövde travel centre. Tell the staff in the shop which section you want to travel on and they will help you with a ticket for one or two zones. You pay for the single ticket using your pay-as-you-go card at the ticket sales agent. If you are travelling using JLT’s reskassa, you will need to buy a supplementary ticket and pay using a bank card or credit card. 

Single ticket

You can use a Västtrafik single ticket to travel on SJ regional trains on the section between Skövde and Falköping. Buy your Västtrafik single ticket at Falköping travel centre, Skövde travel centre or as an sms ticket. Remember to buy your ticket before you board the train. 


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