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Privacy Policy for androidversion of the app Reseplaneraren

In the following we explain which kind of information is captured and how it is used when using the Reseplaneraren app.

  • Personal data of the respective users are not captured by Västtrafik when using the app.
  • The app needs access to your position, so you can search connections including pedestrian routing from your current position, see stops close to you and see your position on the map.
  • The app needs access to the address book, so you can use the addresses of your contacts as origin or destination in the connection search.
  • The app needs access to the calendar, so you can save your connections in the calendar.
  • You can use push services; to do this, an anonymous device identifier is stored on the server in order to send you the subscribed information on your device.
  • To install and use the Android app, the displayed access rights must be accepted. 


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