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Easier to see balance and changes on the card reader

It should be easy to understand what is happening at the card reader on board our vehicles. Thanks to useful feedback from our customers, we have recently improved the texts shown on the display.

The appearance of the display is a little different, but the card reader works exactly as it did before. So you still press the same buttons as before – whether you usually travel with a period card, pay-as-you-go card or single ticket. The only difference is that the texts shown on the display have been made easier to understand.

Among other things, it is now easier to see how much your journey will cost and how much credit you have left on the card. Another new feature is that the card reader shows more clearly when you make a change.



Some examples of what the display looks like:

Initial display
This is what the card reader's initial display looks like. Make any selections required before you hold the card against the card reader.


Check in
This is what you will see when you check in using pay-as-you-go. The time of last change, fare and remaining balance on your card are clearly shown on the screen. The words “One zone” have been replaced with a plus sign for travel within several zones.

When you check in for additional travel or travel through several zones, the credit on your card before your journey is displayed.


Check in a group
To check in a group, indicate how many of you are adults and how many are schoolchildren by pressing the V (for adults) and S (for schoolchildren) buttons. Then press K and hold up your card. The display will show how much the journey costs and the remaining balance on your card.


Check out
When you check out, information is displayed on how much your journey cost and how much credit you have left on your card. You can also clearly see how much change time you have left.

When you check out for a multi-zone trip, the display shows how much change time you have in the current zone.


When you make a change, you are shown what time you can begin your last change. If you make a change during a multi-zone trip, you can also see how much credit you had on the card when your journey began.


If something went wrong with your check in, press Å to cancel and hold up your card. This text will then be displayed if you are travelling using a pay-as-you-go card. If you cancel the activation of a period card, “Activation cancelled” is displayed.

Remember that you will be unable to cancel if more than one minute has passed since you checked in.


Card enquiry
You can use a card enquiry to check your active/expired periods and their validity date/time. You can also see dormant periods, which are displayed along with the number of days for which the top-up is valid. If you have a pay-as-you-go card, the status of the most recent pay-as-you-go journey, the balance, the cost of most recent pay-as-you-go journey and the cut-off time for changing in the current zone are displayed.

Press the ? button and hold the card against the card reader to find out how long your period is valid and how much credit you have left on your card.


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