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Complementary services

Complementary services are designed for those who live some distance from the normal bus routes in Mölndal and Kungsbacka. These services follow a timetable, but only if you book your journey in advance.

How it works in Kungsbacka

Visit the Kungsbacka municipality website for more information about how this works or to book a journey in Kungsbacka.

To the Kungsbacka municipality website

You must be able to show that you have a valid period card, even if there is no card reader on board.

Since complementary services are almost always provided by taxi, there is normally no card reader. Nevertheless, if you travel using a period card, you must be able to prove its validity, so make sure you have a card check receipt and keep it with the card. If your account is not activated, you can ask for a card check on any Västtrafik vehicle or from our customer service. If the card is activated, you can ask at any customer service shop.

Local services

Local services operate in many more municipalities and work in a similar way. Call and tell us when you want to travel and we will send a vehicle to collect you. See below for information about how this service works in your municipality.

To the Local services page


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