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Local services – a different way to use public transport

Local services are a smarter way of using public transport in areas where there is no regular bus service. These services are for anyone who wants to go from rural to urban areas or vice versa. We pick you up at the door and take you to one of our local services stops. Smart, affordable, and convenient.

One difference with local services is that they only operate when booked by someone. Journeys must be booked in advance by calling Västtrafik’s booking centre on 0771 91 90 90.

Find timetables on our swedish website.

Travelling with children
All vehicles are equipped with a booster seat, which a child travelling on local services can borrow for their journey. As each vehicle only has one booster seat, you should take your own booster seats with you if there will be more than one child who needs one travelling in the same vehicle.

Please note that you will need to bring your own child car seat if you are travelling with small children, as vehicles are not equipped with these.

Call 0771 91 90 90 to book

Book your journey in advance by calling Västtrafik's booking centre at least one hour before you want to travel.

You will need to tell us the following:

• Say that you want to book Local services.
• Where do you want us to pick you up?
• Where are you travelling to?
• Are you paying by cash, bank card or with an sms ticket?
• Do you have any large luggage?
• What time would you like to travel?
• Do you want to book a return journey?


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