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Zones and stops in the municipalities

The region is divided into zones, which usually follow municipal boundaries. However, there are some exceptions, where one municipality may have more than one zone. You can read more about which zones are in which municipalities below, where you can also click to see which stops are in each zone.

Some stops are also considered to be included in neighbouring price zones, which means that your ticket is also valid for these specific stops in other zones. You can find out more about this under: Stops in two zones

Travel planner will show you which tickets are valid and what the fare is for your journey.

Municipality Zones
Ale Ale North and Ale South
Alingsås Alingsås and Alingsås Urban
Bengtsfors Bengtsfors
Bollebygd Bollebygd
Borås Borås and Borås Urban
Dals Ed Dals Ed
Essunga Essunga
Falköping Falköping and Falköping Urban
Färgelanda Färgelanda
Gislaved Gislaved
Grästorp Grästorp
Gullspång Gullspång
Gothenburg Gothenburg and Helenedal
Götene Götene
Habo Brandstorp, Fagerhult and Habo
Halden Halden and Norway
Hallsberg Hallsberg
Herrljunga Herrljunga
Hjo Hjo
Härryda Helenedal, Härryda Central, Härryda West and Härryda East
Jönköping Angerdshestra, Bankeryd, Bottnaryd, Forserum, Jönköping and Tenhult
Karlsborg Karlsborg
Karlstad Värmland
Kungsbacka Kungsbacka and Kungsbacka Urban
Kungälv Kungälv, Kungälv Urban and Marstrand
Laxå Laxå
Lerum Lerum
Lidköping Lidköping and Lidköping Urban
Lilla Edet Lilla Edet
Lysekil Lysekil and Lysekil Urban
Mariestad Mariestad and Mariestad Urban
Mark Mark and Mark Urban
Mellerud Mellerud
Mullsjö Mullsjö and Sandhem
Munkedal Munkedal and Munkedal Urban
Mölndal Helenedal and Mölndal
Nässjö Nässjö
Orust Orust
Partille Partille
Skara Skara and Skara Urban
Skövde Skövde and Skövde Urban
Sotenäs Sotenäs and Sotenäs Urban
Stenungsund Stenungsund and Stenungsund Urban
Strömstad Koster, Strömstad and Strömstad Urban
Svenljunga Svenljunga
Säffle Svanskog and Säffle
Tanum Tanum and Tanum Urban
Tibro Tibro
Tidaholm Tidaholm
Tjörn Tjörn
Tranemo Tranemo
Trollhättan Trollhättan and Trollhättan/Vänersborg Urban (ToV)
Töreboda Töreboda
Uddevalla Ljungskile Urban, Uddevalla and Uddevalla Urban
Ulricehamn Ulricehamn and Ulricehamn Urban
Vara Vara
Varberg Derome, RinghalsTofta West, Tofta EastVarberg and Veddige
Vårgårda Vårgårda
Vänersborg Trollhättan/Vänersborg Urban (ToV) and Vänersborg
Värnamo Värnamo
Åmål Åmål and Åmål Urban
Årjäng Årjäng
Öckerö Öckerö
Örebro Örebro


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