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  • All passengers with a disability or special needs are entitled to the assistance of a companion at stations and terminals which provide this service, in connection with their journey. The companion service is completely free of charge.

    It works like this

    • A uniformed companion (such as a taxi driver) meets you at the bus, ferry, tram, train or pre-agreed meeting place and accompanies you to your connection for your onward journey.

    • The companion is able to help you with 2 bags, weighing a maximum of 20 kg in total.

    • Your companion will never board the vehicle, but will meet you outside.

    How to book

    • Call 0771 91 90 90, seven days a week 07.00–20.00.

    • Bookings must be made at least one hour before departure.

    • When you book, please provide the following information: your name and telephone number, the date and time you want the companion service, the station/stop name and information about any changes. If you will have luggage or aids with you, please let us know this too.

    • You can book up to two weeks in advance.

    • Remember to cancel your companion service if you change your travel plans.

    If you need personal assistance with your telephone call, please call Teletal on 020 22 11 44; you can also visit You can also order by textphone on 90 160; see also

    Useful information

    • The service does not include help buying a ticket or companion service to and from other facilities at the station/terminal.

    • For companion service outside the Region, please contact Länstrafikbolaget or the transport company in the relevant county.

    Stations/terminals with companion service

    The brochure contains details of the stations and terminals that offer companion service. Terminal maps are available for some stations/terminals, showing where the various lines depart from.    

  • In Gothenburg, if you are a fare-paying disabled person with a mobility services pass, a companion may travel with you free of charge. In other parts of the region, companions pay the standard fare for the journey.

    A companion to a person with impaired vision may travel free of charge in the Västtrafik Gothenburg region (Ale, Alingsås, Gothenburg, Härryda, Kungsbacka, Kungälv, Lerum, Mölndal, Orust, Partille, Stenungsund, Tjörn and Öckerö) and in some parts of the Västtrafik Fyrbodal region (Lysekil, Munkedal, Sotenäs, Strömstad, Tanum and Uddevalla).

    Västtrafik plans to introduce a companion card by the end of 2015. The municipalities will offer this card to those with a disability. The companion card is planned to be valid as follows:  “A companion on general public transport may travel free of charge with a fare-paying disabled person with a companion card.”


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