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Travel planner

By far the easiest way to see how your journey will work out, based on your preferences and requirements, is to search using our  Travel planner. Here you can find information about the lines and stops.

There are two ways of doing this:

1. Click on “More options” in the Travel planner. Further down the page you can tick the things that are essential/important for you. When you search for your journey, you will see suggestions that meet the requirements you have specified, if we have any journeys that do. Since these can sometimes be longer, involve several changes, etc., you will also see suggestions for journeys that do not fulfil your requirements. You will then know what is not available and can make a decision on whether or not to make the journey.

2. Search for your journey in the usual way. When the detailed results are displayed, you will see a tab called “Accessibility”. Click on this to see the accessibility of the different stops and lines for the suggested route.


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