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Accessibility adapted ferries

All ferries must be equipped with audio-visual announcements, a ramp/lift and wheelchair space.

Audio-visual announcements

  • Automatic stop announcements containing information about the next stop. Announcements are made manually on ferries that do not have automatic announcements.
  • Internal information displays containing information about the next stop.


  • There are lifts or ramps on vehicles for use by passengers with wheelchairs.
  • You will be given help with the lift/ramp unless the traffic situation dictates otherwise.
  • Wheelchair users are responsible for attracting the driver’s attention when getting on/off if the ramp/lift is used.

Wheelchairs and wheelchair space

  • Manual and electric wheelchairs and electric scooters (electric wheelchairs with handlebars) can be carried on ferries, with the exceptions below.
  • The wheelchair’s dimensions must not exceed 70 cm wide and 120 cm long, and the combined weight of wheelchair and passenger must not exceed 300 kg.
  • If required, transport staff will provide help to strap in your wheelchair and take payment for your journey.
  • You must use any fastening devices provided for the whole of your journey.


  • Line 326 Älgön–Rörtången, line 879 Fjällbacka Post Boat and the reserve vessel on line 361 Åstol–Rönnäng only carry manual wheelchairs on board.

  • Line 362 Härön–Kyrkesund does not carry wheelchairs on board.  


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