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According to the Swedish Agency for Participation, accessibility adapted vehicles must be equipped with a ramp/lift, wheelchair space and audio-visual announcements. Almost all buses, trains and ferries are now accessibility adapted, but 30% of tram carriages are not. By 2022, the older tram carriages should have been replaced, meaning that all public transport vehicles will be accessibility adapted.

The table below shows accessibility adapted vehicles:

Key indicators:
Buses: approximately 100 have been procured solely for school services without a requirement for accessibility adapted vehicles.
Trams are per individual vehicle. Approximately 120 of these are paired carriages.
The remaining vehicles have manual stop announcements.
Source: FRIDA

Latest key indicators on accessibility adapted vehicles in FRIDA.

Tram services are planned so that in the first instance services are provided using accessibility adapted individual vehicles, which means that nearly 70% of all tram services are provided using accessibility adapted vehicles at peak times, while the proportion of accessibility adapted services will be higher during off-peak periods.


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