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Public transport guide for beginners

Public transport guide







If you are not used to the system, taking a simple bus ride can be quite a challenge. Which line should I take? When does it leave? How do I pay? How much does it cost?

Here are the answers to all your questions. We have compiled a simple guide especially for those who are complete newcomers to the system. Good luck!

  • Finding the right trip

    There is an orange appliance in the top right corner. This is a Travel planner. Enter where you want to travel from and to. The Travel planner will then find you the best route.

  • Buying a ticket

    The easiest way is to buy a single ticket, so this is probably the best thing to do on your first trip. There are several ways to buy a single ticket:

    • Via the Travel planner on the website.
    • Via a mobile phone (sms ticket).
    • From one of our customer service shops.
    • On some of our vehicles.
  • Finding the stopMinor stops are marked with the stop name and the lines they serve. All stops have a timetable set up.




    How to find your stop.At major stops, different lines may depart from different points, marked A, B, C etc. – these are often called stop positions. Your Travel planner (see above) result includes all the stop positions for your trip.

  • Get on vehicles via the front door. Exceptions to this are trains, trams and all urban buses on Gothenburg urban services. You can then also use other doors.

    Getting on

    If you have an sms or paper ticket, show it to the driver as you enter. The exception is Gothenburg urban services, where you do not need to show your ticket to the driver.

  • Using the card readerIf you have bought a single ticket in advance that is loaded on a card, hold it against the card reader when you board. Hold it there until the green lamp lights up.

  • Press the stop button before the vehicle reaches the stop you wish to get off at. The stop sign on the ceiling lights up. If you are uncertain of where to get off, you can ask the driver to call out your destination stop as you arrive.
    Exit via the rear doors. If the doors do not open automatically, press the 'Open' button.


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