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Several people travelling on the same Västtrafik card across one or more zone boundaries

You must use the yellow card reader to pay for several people on the same card when crossing one or more zone boundaries. If there is no yellow card reader, ask the driver for help.

1. Press the + button.

2. Press the V button once for each adult you are paying for.

3. Press the S button once for each schoolchild you are paying for.

4. Press the K button when you have registered all those you are paying for.

5. Hold the card against the card reader. You will hear a beep.

6. When you get off, hold the card against the card reader. Finished!
If you change to another vehicle on the trip, on entering it, press the + button on the card reader and hold your card against it. In other words, you only register the people you are paying for once. When you get off, Hold the card against the card reader again.


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