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Wheelchairs on mobility services and special vehicles

When booking your journey, it is important that you tell us the weight and dimensions of your wheelchair. This makes your journey easier and safer.

We have divided all the various wheelchair models into five different classes, based on the length, weight, width and turning radius of the wheelchair. Using the dimensions of your wheelchair, you can see what class it belongs to and keep this in mind for the next time you need to book a journey. The measurements can be found in the user manual, but may differ if you have accessories and optional equipment.

Size (cm) Weight (kg) Turning radius (cm) SLTF class
130x75 <50 <100 1
130x75 <100 <130 2
<150 3
150x85 >200 <150 4
150x85 >200 >150 5

The driver will help you to secure your wheelchair, but you need to know where the fixing points are on the chair. Please ask your supplier if you are unsure.

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