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  • From time to time, Västtrafik specifies its ticket range and fares. Information about these can be found at and in printed information material. Västtrafik reserves the right to change its product range and fares, with the current range, fares and terms published at  
  • Every person who travels with Västtrafik (“Passenger”) is required to have a valid ticket for their entire journey. It is the Passenger’s responsibility to find out in advance which ticket is required for their journey and whether the journey requires a printed Card check; see below for information about Card checks. Tickets that require activation or reading in a card reader must be held against the card reader (validated) as soon as the Passenger boards the vehicle. The Passenger must ensure that the ticket has been accepted (a beep is heard and a green light displayed). If the card reader is not working or if a ticket is not accepted by the card reader, the Passenger must contact the driver or other member of on-board staff. Other tickets – which do not need to be held against the card reader – must be shown to the driver, train conductor or other member of on-board staff. Tickets purchased on board or via SMS must be purchased immediately on boarding the vehicle. If you are travelling on a vehicle without a card reader (e.g. certain trains with which Västtrafik has a ticket agreement), you must have a Card check with you showing that your ticket is valid (see “Card check” at  
  • Västtrafik carries out regular ticket inspections. During an inspection, the Passenger must show or hand over a ticket and any supporting documents (such as an ID document or student ID) to the inspector. For the inspection of an SMS ticket, the Passenger is required to show on their phone, at the request and on the instructions of the inspector, that he/she has a valid ticket. A Passenger who is unable to show a valid ticket during a ticket inspection may be subject to a penalty fare of SEK 1,200, in accordance with the law on penalty fares for public passenger transport. If a Passenger has not paid the correct fare for their journey, or if the Passenger does not have a valid ticket, the inspector is entitled to eject the Passenger from the vehicle.  
  • If an inspector believes that a ticket is counterfeit, has been tampered with or its validity is otherwise questionable, the inspector is entitled to confiscate the ticket/Västtrafikkort. Västtrafik is also entitled to temporarily or permanently block a Västtrafikkort without any obligation for Västtrafik to compensate the owner for any remaining balance.
  • The ticket is valid Västtrafiks current terms and conditions at the time of activation of the ticket. Activation of the ticket is in accordance with the specific conditions of each ticket. Unless otherwise specified in Västtrafiks terms and conditions on the first occasion that the ticket is used. For valid ticket must Västtrafiks terms and conditions for the ticket to be fulfilled.


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