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The following applies on board

Age limits


Passengers aged 0–6 are classed as children.

For safety reasons, children under the age of six cannot travel unaccompanied.

Children aged six and above may travel unaccompanied if they have their own valid ticket (youth ticket).


Passengers aged 7–19 are classed as youths.

Youths pay a reduced price on certain tickets.


Passengers aged 20 and above are classed as adults.

Accompanying passenger offer

Children travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult/youth within the Västra Götaland region and within Kungsbacka municipality. With all tickets other than school cards, adults/youths can take with them as many children as they are able to take full responsibility for.

If you are aged 20 or above and you are travelling with an adult period ticket or off-peak period ticket, you can take up to three youths with you at no extra cost. This offer is not valid for travel with our partner companies such as SJ. This offer is also not valid for adults travelling with a student discount or certificate card or for those travelling with a Chalmers card.


Prams/pushchairs can be carried on vehicles if there is enough space. The brakes must be applied on prams/pushchairs throughout the journey and if fastening devices are provided on board, these must be used. Prams/pushchairs must be positioned so that they do not cause an obstruction to other passengers or block emergency exits. The driver is not obliged to assist with boarding or alighting with a pram/pushchair.


Luggage that you are able to carry yourself is free of charge. Luggage must not cause an obstruction to other passengers, occupy a seat, block emergency exits, hinder or obscure the driver’s view or in any other way affect safety and security on board. Bulky luggage must be stored in the appropriate place. Separate regulations and prices apply for the carrying of luggage on Västtrafik ferry services.

Seat belts

Seat belts must be used where these are provided on the vehicle.


You can take two pets with you free of charge, except on the Ronden medical transport service, where pets are not permitted. Two pets may travel on the same vehicle or in the same section of a vehicle if they have the same owner. Otherwise only one pet is permitted in each vehicle or section of a vehicle. The driver or transport staff may allow more pets to be carried on board.

Pets must be on a lead, in a cage or in a bag. They may not be placed on a seat. Out of consideration for those with allergies, fur-bearing animals must be placed at the rear of the vehicle. On ferries, fur-bearing animals must travel in the specified place on the individual ferry.

Special conditions apply for those travelling with a guide dog or a certified hearing dog (see Guide dogs and hearing dogs below).


You cannot take bicycles on trams, buses operating services in urban areas (urban buses), the Fjällbacka archipelago post boat or on demand-responsive transport. If there is room you can usually take your bicycle on other vehicles. You can only take a bicycle on those buses that have a luggage area, where the bicycle must be stored for the duration of the journey. Please note that charges may apply for the carriage of bicycles. Folded mini-cycles that you can carry yourself are classed as luggage and can be carried free of charge. You must use any fastening devices provided on board.

Passenger’s responsibility for luggage, animals, etc.

You are responsible for the prams, pushchairs, pets, luggage, etc. that you bring on board. If you cause injury to another person or damage to another person’s property, you are responsible for this. If Västtrafik becomes liable to pay damages to another (third party) because of your negligence, you in turn become liable to pay damages to Västtrafik. 

Eating and drinking on board

You are permitted to eat and drink on board Västtrafik trains, provided you follow the rules of conduct. On other vehicles only simple snacks are permitted. You are not permitted to eat or drink anything that could cause other passengers discomfort, damage other passengers’ property or damage the interior of the vehicle.

Lost property

If you find something somebody has left on board, you have an obligation to hand it to the driver or other transport staff.

Passengers with a disability

Västtrafik complies with relevant national and international laws and regulations governing the rights of passengers with a disability. These include the rules contained in the Swedish Discrimination Act, the Swedish Act on Disabled Access to Public Transport, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Swedish Act on the Rights of Public Transport Passengers.

Wheelchairs and rollators

You can take manual and electric wheelchairs and electric scooters (electric wheelchairs with handlebars) on our vehicles. However, you cannot take electric scooters on buses.If you are travelling with a wheelchair or a rollator, you should be able to board and alight unaided or with the help of a companion. You will be given help with the lift/ramp on vehicles if the traffic situation permits. You must inform the driver if you require this for boarding or alighting. If required, transport staff will provide help to strap in your wheelchair and take payment for your journey. This does not apply on trams however.

The wheelchair, rollator or other similar technical aid must not exceed 70 cm wide and 120 cm long, and the total weight, including the passenger, must not exceed 300 kg, except on trams, where the maximum weight is 250 kg. The wheelchair's brake must be applied during the journey. Vehicles with designated wheelchair space have a sign at the entrance door and on board. You must use any fastening devices provided for the whole of your journey. On buses and trams with a wheelchair space without a fastening device, the wheelchair must be turned so that it faces the rear of the vehicle. If the wheelchair space on a tram is occupied, you can use the flexible area.

For safety reasons, wheelchairs, like pushchairs for example, that use the flexible area must not block aisles or doors. On buses that do not have special wheelchair space, you must not travel in your wheelchair and must instead use an ordinary seat. The empty wheelchair must be stored in the space indicated with the brake applied. 

Assistance of an accompanying person at stations and terminals

If you have a disability or special needs, you are entitled to the assistance of an accompanying person at stations and terminals that provide this service. More information about accompanying persons at stations and terminals. 

Guide dogs and hearing dogs

If you need a guide dog or a certified hearing dog, you can always bring the dog with you free of charge. This applies even if there is already a dog or other pet on board the vehicle.

Accompanying persons

Within Gothenburg, an accompanying person may travel free of charge together with a full fare paying passenger with a disability and a mobility services certificate. In other parts of the region, an accompanying person pays the regular price for the trip.

An accompanying person of a visually impaired passenger travels free of charge within Västtrafik Gothenburg region (Ale, Alingsås, Gothenburg, Härryda, Kungsbacka, Kungälv, Lerum, Mölndal, Orust, Partille, Stenungsund, Tjörn and Öckerö) and in some parts of the Västtrafik Fyrbodal region (Lysekil, Munkedal, Sotenäs, Strömstad, Tanum and Uddevalla).

Mobility services

Some special conditions apply to mobility services. More information can be found on Västtrafik’s website under Travel information, Taking a trip, Special public transport.

Demand-responsive transport

Demand-responsive services must be booked at least an hour before the service is timetabled to depart. If you wish to travel in the morning, before the booking centre is open, you must book your journey the day before. Services that depart more than an hour after the booking centre closes for the evening must be booked before the Booking Centre closes.


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