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Boarding and alighting

  • Your right to travel is dependent on there being enough space. Note that this also applies to those travelling with, for example, a pram/pushchair, rollator, wheelchair or dog, when restrictions may be applied owing to a shortage of space. Västtrafik cannot guarantee you a seat or even space on a vehicle when you change to another line.
  • Vehicles operating timetabled services only stop at a stop if a person waiting there clearly indicates that they wish to board or, if someone wishing to alight notifies the driver clearly and in good time.
  • At night, passengers sometimes ask drivers to stop at places other than bus stops. Västtrafik cannot guarantee or promise to do this, but it is something that we allow. The driver must assess each situation as it occurs to ensure that it does not breach our safety regulations. The possibility of stopping in this way can depend on weather conditions and the traffic situation at the time.

Drivers of vehicles operating timetabled services may pass a stop and not pick up somebody wishing to board:

  • If the vehicle is full.
  • If instructed to do so by traffic control.
  • If the person wishing to board is acting in such a way that risks disturbing order or safety on the vehicle (applies, for example, to people under the influence of alcohol or who are carrying a dangerous object).
  • If the vehicle is unable to stop for reasons outside Västtrafik’s control.

  • You may only board and alight at stops and only once the vehicle has come to a complete standstill. If it should be necessary to board or alight somewhere other than a stop, you must follow the instructions given by the driver or other transport staff precisely.
  • You must not attempt to prevent a door from closing, open a door by force or to open a door while the vehicle is moving.
  • All passengers must leave the vehicle when it reaches the terminus.


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