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Prohibited when travelling

When on board a vehicle you may not:

  • Disturb the driver while he/she is driving.
  • Consume alcohol.
  • Smoke (includes a ban on e-cigarettes and smoking in shelters).
  • Eat or drink anything that could cause other passengers discomfort, damage other passengers’ property or damage the interior of the vehicle.
  • Take objects onto the vehicle that could cause a disturbance or discomfort to other passengers. Have luggage that is flammable, explosive or in any other way dangerous. Take objects onto the vehicle with the intention of using them to damage the interior of the vehicle or other property at stops, etc.
  • Use mobile phones, play music etc. in a way that causes a disturbance or discomfort to other passengers. Even listening to music using headphones can disturb other passengers. Play musical instruments on board.
  • Hold interviews, give out advertising, sell goods or similar activities (unless Västtrafik has given special permission).
  • Collect money.
  • Use any type of roller skates, skateboards etc.
  • Drop litter, dirty or vandalise.
  • Have animals with you that are venomous or dangerous in any other way.
  • Protrude any part of your body or an object from the vehicle while it is moving.
  • Throw anything from the vehicle.
  • Interfere with operational or signalling equipment or similar.
  • Misuse the alarm system, emergency exit, emergency equipment, etc.
  • Enter areas that are restricted for the general public, as indicated by signs, fences, etc. (e.g. track areas and tunnels)

If there is any disagreement on the interpretation of these regulations, it is always the interpretation of the driver, on-board staff or other transport staff that applies and must be followed without exception. It is always possible to make a complaint to Västtrafik about an interpretation (see the section on Claims and complaints).


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