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Delay compensation

The right to delay compensation applies to all journeys using Västtrafik’s tickets, with some exceptions.

If your journey is delayed, you are entitled to a refund:

  • 50 per cent of the fare for the journey if the delay is longer than 20 minutes,
  • 75 per cent of the fare for the journey if the delay is longer than 40 minutes
  • The full fare for the journey if the delay is 60 minutes or longer.

To be eligible for delay compensation you must have allowed enough connection time to change between vehicles on your journey, normally five minutes.

To be eligible for delay compensation you must also not have received compensation for other transport where a delay is anticipated.

Compensation for other transport where a delay is anticipated

If there are reasonable grounds to assume that your journey will be more than 20 minutes late, you are entitled to compensation for the reasonable costs of other transport (e.g. taxi) to your final destination for your planned journey using a Västtrafik ticket. If there are no taxis available, you can travel using a private vehicle. The maximum amount of compensation is SEK 1,150 per passenger.

Sharing a taxi or other transport with other passengers would allow you to travel a greater distance. The maximum amount is per person, so two people could travel by taxi for a fare of SEK 2,300.

If you travel using a private vehicle, you will receive compensation according to the Swedish Tax Agency norms for tax-free mileage allowance plus compensation for any congestion charges. The maximum amount is SEK 1,150 per passenger, irrespective of how many people travel in the car.

Long-term service disruption

A journey is not classed as delayed if Västtrafik announces a timetable change at least 72 hours before the original departure time. You are not entitled to compensation in this case.

Application for delay compensation

You must apply for delay compensation no later than two months after the journey was completed or should have been completed, using a delay compensation application form that can be found hereon Västtrafik’s website. You can also order an application form from Customer Service by telephone on 0771-41 43 00 or through digital channels such as email.

If several of you have travelled together by taxi or private vehicle, the names, addresses and personal identity numbers of all the passengers must be provided on the application form. The application form also indicates what you need to submit with your application as evidence of your expenses.

Payment of delay compensation

The compensation is paid individually to each person, either in cash or in the form of a voucher. If you choose to be paid with a voucher, you will receive at least SEK 50 in compensation, even if the actual amount should have been lower. 

Resplus tickets

If you are travelling using a Resplus ticket, responsibility for the different sections of your journey lies with different public transport authorities, which each have their own rules. There are therefore no common rules on delay compensation for Resplus. If a journey using Resplus is delayed, you must contact the public transport authority responsible for the delayed section.

Öresundståg tickets

Information about delay compensation for journeys using Öresundståg tickets can be found at

When does the right to delay compensation not apply?

You are not entitled to delay compensation if you are travelling by mobility services, national mobility services, school transport, pre-booked medical transport or booked transport (chartered services). You are also not entitled to delay compensation if you are travelling on vintage trams or sightseeing buses, where the primary aim is not transport and separate tickets are required. Delay compensation does not apply if a group is travelling together and not everybody is able to travel on the same departure.

Replacement services

In the event of major service disruption, replacement services are usually provided. If you anticipate that you will be delayed by at least 20 minutes, you can choose transport other than the replacement service and receive delay compensation of SEK 1,150.

Request for review

If you are not satisfied with a decision made on delay compensation, you can request a review of the decision. A review request must be made in writing and state the reasons why the decision should be reviewed. Your review request must be submitted to Västtrafik no later than three weeks after Västtrafik informed you of its decision on compensation with regard to your application for delay compensation.


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