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Valid ticket

Your ticket must be activated and valid for the time and all the zones you are travelling in. If your ticket is valid when you board, it remains valid for the entire line journey, even if the validity period expires during the line journey.

When travelling on vehicles without a card reader (some SJ and Öresundståg trains, for example), you must carry a card check with you that shows that your ticket is valid.

If your ticket is on a mobile device, you must ensure that your mobile device is charged for the duration of your journey. This is necessary in order for you to be able to produce a valid ticket.

Tickets that need to be activated or read by a card reader must be presented to the card reader as soon as you board. You must make sure that the ticket is accepted by the card reader. If the card reader is not working or if a ticket is not accepted by the card reader, you must contact the transport staff immediately. Tickets that do not need to be activated or read must be shown to the transport staff. Tickets purchased on board or mobile tickets must be purchased and activated no later than on boarding the vehicle. 

Ticket checks and inspections

Ticket inspections are carried out on board and at stops when passengers are boarding or alighting. You must show your ticket when asked.

If you are travelling with a ticket other than an adult ticket or if you are travelling with a personal ticket, you must be able to show evidence that you are entitled to travel with this ticket.

If you are travelling on a vehicle without a card reader, you must have a printed card check with you.

If you have a mobile ticket, you must be able to show it on your mobile device. Please note that you are not permitted to copy a ticket to a different mobile device without Västtrafik’s consent.

Penalty fare

If you are unable to show a valid ticket at a ticket inspection, you may be liable to pay a statutory penalty fare in accordance with the law on penalty fares for public transport. You may also be ejected from the vehicle.

Västtrafik has the right to confiscate a ticket where it is suspected that the ticket is counterfeit, has been tampered with or its validity is otherwise questionable. In this case, Västtrafik has the right to block a Västtrafikkort on a temporary or permanent basis without compensating the owner for any remaining value. Västtrafik also has the right to block a Mobile ticket or access to Västtrafik’s app.

Should you wish to challenge a penalty fare you may contact Västtrafik’s Ticket checks and inspections office within 10 days. For more information, please visit Västtrafik’s website.

Reduced penalty fare

You must always carry your ticket with you on every journey. If you have forgotten your period ticket but have registered it on My Pages, you can have your penalty fare reduced if you show your ticket at the Ticket Inspection office within seven days. The penalty fare will then be reduced from SEK 1,200 to SEK 150.

Please note that this only applies if you are registered on My Pages and have a period ticket that is also registered on My Pages. The period ticket must have been activated before the inspection in order to obtain the reduced penalty fare.

If you are travelling using a student discount and have forgotten to bring your student ID with you on your journey, you can have your penalty fare reduced even if your ticket is not registered on My Pages. To have your penalty fare reduced to SEK 150, you need to visit the Ticket Inspection office within seven days and show your period ticket, valid ID document and valid student ID (see Valid ID document and Student in A to Z of terms  above).


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