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Västtrafik’s general liability

  • Personal injury and material damage
    Västtrafik’s liability for personal injury and material damage on our vehicles and sites is governed by the Swedish Rail Security Act, the Swedish Maritime Act and the Swedish Motor Traffic Damage Act.
  • Limitation of Västtrafik’s liability
    Aside from Västtrafik’s travel guarantee and legislation on personal injury and material damage, Västtrafik’s liability is limited partly by law and partly to any damage resulting from gross negligence on the part of Västtrafik. Västtrafik provides no other compensation.
  • Force majeure
    According to the Law on public transport passengers rights it does not apply to force majeure. If the law on public transport passengers rights is not applicable for your trip, Västtrafik are freed from contractual obligations by events or circumstances that could not reasonably be predicted by Västtrafik, such as power failure, fire, accidents, natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, walkout, lockout, or general lack of fuel.


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