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Getting to the airport

The following applies to travel to and from the airports within the Västtrafik region:

Landvetter Airport

Västtrafik does not provide any direct services between Gothenburg and Landvetter Airport. Passengers should instead refer to Flygbussarna Airport Coaches, which operates this service. Information about stops, timetables, fares and where you can purchase tickets can be found on the Flygbussarna website (opens in a new window).Västtrafik's cards, tickets and travel guarantee do not generally apply on Flygbussarna services. However, Västtrafik does offer a ticket valid for 90 minutes for onward travel with Västtrafik within Gothenburg to those who travel from Landvetter Airport on a ticket purchased from Flygbussarna Airport Coaches. This free ticket can only be issued by the Flygbussen driver so do not forget to ask for one before getting off the bus.

Landvetter Airport staff

If you work in and around Landvetter Airport, on the other hand, you can travel on Flygbussarna using some of Västtrafik's period cards, provided you can show your work badge or a certificate from you employer.

The following period cards are valid on Flygbussarna when accompanied by a work badge or certificate:
Gothenburg+ 30 days, Gothenburg + 365 days, Gothenburg++ 30 days, Gothenburg++ 365 days, Gothenburg+++ 30 days, Gothenburg+++ 365 days, Regionen Runt 14 days (this is a trial travel pass that is only issued during specific campaigns), Regionen Runt 30 days, Regionen Runt 365 days, Regionen Runt Xtra 30 days.

You must have activated your Västtrafikkort before boarding the airport bus, as you cannot do this on board.

Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport

Bus line 66, which runs between the Travel Centre in Vänersborg and the Travel Centre in Trollhättan, stops at the entrance to Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport for those services that connect with flight departures and arrivals. Västtrafik cards and tickets valid within Trollhättan and Vänersborg Urban can be used to travel on line 66. Information about bus times and fares can be found in Travel planner (opens in a new window).



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