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Ticket inspections

When you travel with us, you must be able to produce a ticket for the whole of your journey. If you cannot show a valid ticket during a ticket inspection, you must pay a penalty fare of SEK 1,200.

Even if you have forgotten your ticket or misunderstood your need for one, you are still responsible for having a valid ticket for your journey. Västtrafik decides how ticket inspections are implemented, but the inspections themselves are carried out by Securitas and G4S in accordance with Västtrafik’s guidelines.

Our terms and conditions of travel describe your responsibility to find out what ticket you need for your journey. They also state that if your ticket needs to be read by a card reader, you must do this immediately on boarding. If you are travelling using a single sms ticket, this must be sent immediately on boarding the vehicle. Holding your card against the card reader every time your travel will help you to ensure that you have your card with you, it is valid for your journey, and that the period has been activated and has not expired. If your card does not work, please ask the driver for assistance.

The purpose of our inspections is to increase the number of paying passengers and discourage fare dodgers. We believe that our visibility and presence increase the number of paying passengers, so we carry out all inspections while wearing visible uniforms and not civilian clothes.

Where are our inspectors?

We assume that our customers want to do the right thing and we believe that visible checks help to discourage fare dodgers. So we let you know which areas we have increased our spot checks in. However, we always have inspectors on duty and not just in the areas where we have increased inspections.

Forgotten your period card at an inspection?

You must always carry your activated period card with you and register it on every trip. However, we all forget our card sometimes, and since you are a loyal customer, we can offer you an additional service if you have registered for it on My Pages. The inspector will print out a penalty fare as usual, but if you show your card at the Ticket Inspection office within seven days, we will reduce the charge to SEK 150.

This applies only to the person to whom the card is registered on My Pages. The card must also have been registrered on My Pages and have been activated before the inspection. This service is being launched on a trial basis and will be evaluated at a later date.

Have you, in your opinion, been wrongly charged the extra sum?

You have the right of appeal. You must appeal to the administration within ten days of the inspection. The easiest way is to post or e-mail your appeal, but you are also welcome to visit the office.

Telephone: 010 470 10 83
Postal and visiting address: Norra Hamngatan 18, 411 06 Gothenburg
Normal opening hours: Monday-Friday, 10 am-4 pm (on Mondays and Thursdays we are open until 6 pm)

Do you have any questions or points of view regarding our card and ticket inspections? Call customer service on +46 (0)771 41 43 00.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of people ask how a ticket inspection works and what laws and rules apply. Here we have gathered together some of the most common questions and answers about ticket inspections and our guidelines for them.


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