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How does a ticket inspection normally work?

Most inspections are spot checks. Our inspectors carry out all inspections while wearing visible uniforms and not civilian clothes. The ticket inspectors always board last, so that everyone has chance to hold their card up to the card reader or buy their ticket. Remember that you must always hold your card up to the card reader or buy your SMS ticket as soon as you board. However, if you board with a pushchair or a lot of luggage, for example, the inspectors will of course take into account the fact that you might need a bit longer to stamp your card. When the inspectors board a vehicle, they look around to get a picture of the passengers on board, which helps them to make any assessments required. Since our terms and conditions of travel state that you must hold your card up to the card reader as soon as you board, they cannot give consideration to a situation where a person only chooses to hold up their card once they see that a ticket inspector has boarded.

At the same time, there are special circumstances that the ticket inspection must take into account in accordance with the Swedish Penalty Fares Act. These may be if you are a tourist from a long way away or if you have an illness of some kind, for example. We then examine how the circumstances have affected your ability to do the right thing.

It is not always easy for an inspector to make a decision on the spot as to what constitutes special circumstances. So there is always the option to appeal against a penalty fare and if it is shown that the inspector has made an incorrect assessment, this will subsequently be corrected and the penalty fare will be cancelled.


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