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I get nervous during ticket inspections. What do you think I should do?

We understand that nervousness is a feeling you may experience in an inspection scenario. So we have put together a few tips and pieces of advice for you here.

Hold up your period card against the card reader on every journey, even if you have already activated it. As the seasons change, we all change our clothes and you can easily find that you have left your card in your other jacket on the very day an inspector asks to see your card. At the same time, this will act as a reminder of when your period card expires. Ticket inspectors cannot make allowances for you forgetting your card or not noticing that it has expired.

If you travel using an SMS ticket, remember to order it straight away. Your SMS ticket will usually arrive within a couple of seconds, but don’t worry if it takes a bit longer. The ticket inspectors can easily check that you have sent off an SMS.

If you are unsure about which button to press when travelling with a pay-as-you-go card or where your journey crosses several zones, always ask the driver. Or ask the ticket inspectors if they are stood at your stop. They will be happy to help.


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