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Why do you have ticket inspections?

Public transport is not free. It is a service you have to pay for, just like other goods and services in society. In this case, the price is also subsidised – about half the cost is paid by taxpayers. This is why we have ticket inspections. We think that everyone who uses public transport should pay for their journey, and our customers agree with us. By taking responsibility for the tax funds that have been allocated to public transport, we can help to make life better in the region by making travel to and from work and leisure activities easier.

We know that most of our customers want ticket inspections. By increasing the proportion of fare-paying passengers, we are taking responsibility for our paying customers and we are able to provide them with the very best travel opportunities and travel experiences.

A customer survey conducted during the spring of 2014 shows that an overwhelming majority is in favour of Västtrafik carrying out spot checks (over 74% are in favour and only 5% are against).


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