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How are walking routes calculated?

We use the information reported by municipalities and Trafikverket to the Swedish National Road Database (NVDB). This contains all Sweden's roads, along with information about speeds, one-way streets, motorways, etc. It also includes many cycle routes, primarily in towns and cities.

Since walking routes are not reported, a calculation is made on the basis of cycle routes and car routes (excluding motorways, since pedestrians are not allowed on these).

In many cases this works well enough and there is always a road to take. If you live in or are familiar with the area, you no doubt know of footpaths, shortcuts through residential areas and parks, etc. We don't have access to these, however. So sometimes the walking routes we provide might look a little strange to you.

As municipalities report more footpaths and cycle routes to the NVDB, we will be able to make better suggestions for the journey between an address and a stop.

We use a walking pace of 3-4 kilometres per hour, which is slightly slower than most people walk. If you want to change the speed, just click on “More options” and change your walking pace.


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