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How does real-time work?

All traffic is planned so that it can follow the timetable. However, sometimes things happen that make it hard to keep to the timetable. For example, there might be a traffic jam that holds up the bus, poor road conditions or perhaps an overhead line has come down that means the tram has to take a different route.

Travel planner shows a prediction of when the vehicle will arrive, if we are aware of any delay. If there is only a slight delay, we just show the new scheduled time. But remember that this is a prediction that may change, so always be at your stop in good time. You must be at your stop in good time before the time given in the timetable for the travel guarantee to be valid.

Travel planner will warn you if a delay means that you will have less time to change vehicles than the minimum recommended connection time. In this case, alternative travel options will be provided. The minimum recommended connection time for routes given in Travel planner are five minutes in most cases, and ten minutes if changing onto a train at a major hub.

Real-time can also tell you if a service has been cancelled or if a stop is temporarily not in use. In this case, a new journey will be suggested. Remember that “cancelled” is provisional information. If you want to travel immediately and you are told it is cancelled, you can rely on this information being correct. But if you want to travel in a few hours' time, it may no longer be accurate. There may have been an accident, for example, which means that we cancel services for a few hours. But as soon as it has cleared, we will start running again. So please check your journey again just before you intended to travel and hopefully it will be running again.

A good tip is to always search to and from addresses and not stops. If there is any problem with the traffic, we can often find a better suggestion for you if you search for addresses.

Using real-time, we can also tell you which vehicle will be operating a particular service several hours before departure. So, for example, we can tell you if the vehicle has wheelchair space, automatic stop announcements, etc.
Real-time is not available everywhere. It is currently available for most of the Gothenburg area and other towns and cities in Västra Götaland. It is also available for trains and some regional buses. The system is being continuously expanded.


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