We work for sustainable public transport

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Conscious procurement

When we procure new traffic we far-reaching environmental requirements, for example. that traffic is running with climate-friendly fuel and energy efficient vehicles and to noise and emissions are limited. We collaborate with and support the carriers to operate the environmental work even in itself.

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We participate in a number of different projects to learn and prepare for the electrification of the vehicle. In the coming years we aim to electrifying mainly in urban traffic which results in environmental benefits by reducing both noise and emissions. We electrocutes buses and ferries. delivered our first electrification ferrie 2019.

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Environmentally friendly buildings

We build real estate where we take the environment into account in all stages, eg. with the use of sustainable materials and low energy consumption. We are also working with the production of energy in our buildings with solar cells. We strive to produce as much energy as possible, using as many areas as we can to the solar cells.

Our environmental objectives

Our overall environmental objective is to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases per passenger kilometres with 80% between 2006 and 2020. We also aim to:

  • Emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate emissions per person kilometre will be reduced by at least 60% by 2025 compared to year 2006
  • 25% less energy will be used per person kilometre before year 2025 compared to year 2006.
  • At least 95% of the public transport to be performed with renewable energy in 2025, per passenger-km.
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So here it goes

  • Between 2006 and 2017, we reduced our emissions by climate-changing gases per passenger-km with 72%.
  • Since 2009, we have reduced emissions of nitrogen oxides with 40% and particles with 28% per passenger-km.
  • Our energy use is today unchanged compared to 2006. Accessibility, propulsion and auxiliary equipment are things that affect energy use.
  • We have reached our goal of running 95% of public transport with renewable energy per passenger-km.

Guidelines for environmental work

The starting point for Västtrafik's environmental work is the Västra Götaland region's regional transport program that sets the direction for public transport in the region. We assume also from the region's environmental and climate strategy.

In addition to this, we are contributing to the Government's vision of Sweden to be climate neutral in 2050 and that the vehicle fleet by the year 2030 is no longer dependent on fossil fuels.

The regional transport programmes and environment-klimatstrategin can be found here.

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