Opening hours

Amhult travel centre

Monday–Thursday 4 am–11.30 pm

Friday 4 am–11.30 pm

Saturday 5.17 am–4 am

Sunday and public holidays 5.17 am–4 am

Frölunda travel centre

Monday–Friday 6 am–10.30 pm

Saturday 6 am-03.30 am

Sunday 04.30 am–03.30 am

Heden bus terminal

Monday–Thursday 5 am–8.35 pm

Friday 5 am–8.35 pm

Saturday 9 am–8.35 pm

Sunday and public holidays 10 am–7 pm


Monday–Sunday 05.30 am–11.30 pm

Liseberg station

Monday–Friday 4.30 am–1.30 am

Saturday 4.30 am–3.30 am

Sunday and public holidays 4.30 am–1.30 am

Nils Ericson Terminal

Monday–Thursday 4.15 am–1.30 am

Friday 4.15 am–24 hours

Saturday 24 hours

Sunday and public holidays 24 hours

Salthomen ferry terminal

Monday–Thursday 5.35 am–0.35 am

Friday 8.55 am–6.30 pm

Saturday 5.35 am–1.15 am

Sunday and public holidays 5.35 am–11.35 pm

Stenpiren travel centre

Monday–Friday 6 am–0.30 am

Saturday 8 am–0.30 am

Sunday 9 am–10 pm

Åkareplatsen travel centre

Monday-Sunday 5.30 am-10 pm

Alingsås Terminal

Monday–Sunday 4 am–11.30 pm

Floda station

Monday–Thursday 7 am–9 pm

Friday 7 am–10 pm

Saturday 9 am–10 pm

Sunday and public holidays 9 am–9 pm

Kungsbacka travel centre

Monday–Friday 5.30 am–11 pm

Saturday-Sunday 8.30 am–11 pm

Landvetter travel centre

Monday–Friday 4 am–1.45 am

Saturday-Sunday 4 am–2 am

Mölndal station

Monday–Friday 4 am–2 am

Saturday-Sunday 24 hours

Mölnlycke terminal

Monday–Sunday 6 am–10 pm

Partille bus terminal

Monday–Friday 4.15 am–1.30 am

Saturday-Sunday 24 hours

Älvängen travel centre

Monday–Sunday 6 am–9 pm

Kampenhof travel centre

Monday–Thursday 4.30 am–9 pm

Friday 4.30 am–9 pm

Saturday 6 am–09.30 pm

Sunday and public holidays 6 am–09.30 pm

Trollhättan travel centre

Monday–Thursday 4.15 am–9 pm

Friday 4.15 am–9 pm

Saturday 5.15 am–9 pm

Sunday and public holidays 5.15 am–9 pm

Tuvesvik terminal

Monday–sunday 05.30 am–10.30 pm

Borås travel centre

Monday–Thursday 5 am–11 pm

Friday 5 am–11 pm

Saturday 7.30 am–11 pm

Sunday and public holidays 9.30 am–11 pm

Skövde travel centre

Monday–Thursday 4.30 am–0.30 am

Friday 4.30 am–2.30 am

Saturday 5.30 am–2.30 am

Sunday and public holidays 5.30 am–0.30 am

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