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As of Thursday 26 March, Västtrafik will cut tram traffic at certain times. This means that there will be a few minutes more sparse between tours during peak hours on weekdays, from 9-minute traffic to 12-minute strafk.

Otherwise, traffic will continue to run at the same times of day and on its usual routes. Line 13 will remain fully suspended.

The reason for the adjustment is staff shortages due to the situation surrounding the corona virus.

In bus, train and boat traffic, there is currently only an impact on single lines, but even there there it may be necessary to make more planned adjustments to the timetables in the future.

The changes in traffic are valid until further notice. This may change based on changing situations. Travelers are asked to keep up to date here.

Search your trip

Travelers are also asked to apply for their trip in advance in the Västtrafik To Go app or in travel planner.

"We understand that this can affect our travelers in different ways and we therefore ask for leniency and patience at this point," says Jarl Samuelsson.

The reduction in traffic does not currently mean such a big change in traffic supply and Västtrafik's services that customers can return their ticket. Västtrafik's regular terms and conditions apply.

Published 2020-03-24
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