How we work to make sustainable travel attractive

We work to make it easier for people to try new ways of travelling that means they don't have to use their car as much as they usually do. In addition to offering attractive public transport it can be about, for example, combining bicycle and public transport or making it easier for bicycles as travel options.

We spread knowledge about sustainable travel

  • We support municipalities and organizations in their work with sustainable travel.
  • We work to influence decision-makers on social issues at municipal, regional and national level.
  • We offer municipalities in West Sweden participation in projects that are coordinated regionally and implemented locally.
  • We offer municipalities in West Sweden participation in a network for sustainable travel. The network meets for knowledge building and exchange of experiences five times a year.

Current projects for increased sustainable travel

  • Winter cyclist: Projects to increase cycling in the winter. Participants are supported with studded tyres.
  • Test cyclist: Participants try to commute by electric bike or folding bike to work in the Projects BussOhoj and E-cyclist.
  • På egna ben: Challenge for children in grades 4-6 which is about getting to school by cycling, walking or public transport.
  • Bike-friendly workplace: Projects and competitions for employers that aim to create a bike-friendly workplace.
  • A pure habit: Initiatives that support companies to help their employees travel more sustainably to and from work and in the service.

All projects on (in swedish)

Part of the regional transport supply programme

The Västra Götaland region has four target documents that set goals and describe the direction to fulfill the common vision: The good life. Our work is part of implementing and meeting the objectives of the regional traffic supply programme.

Regional traffic supply programme at ( in swedish)

Q&A About sustainable travel

In addition to offering attractive public transport, we see great societal benefits in working for sustainable travel in a broader perspective, with reduced environmental impact as a result.

Walking and cycling is good for the environment and society. It is also a quick and convenient option for many trips. It is also good for your health and can reduce the risk of diseases.

To travel sustainably is to travel responsibly, that we together take responsibility for the environment we live in. Public transport, cycling and walking are examples of sustainable ways to move where the carbon footprint is minimal. If more people choose to put the car at home whenever possible, it would have a major impact on the environment, but also on accessibility in the city and on human health.

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