Smart-phone som innehåller en To go biljett som visas upp för förare

The Västtrafik To Go app was launched in spring 2016. Since then, the app has had one million downloads.

Interest in buying tickets in the app has increased. Over a million tickets are now sold every month via the app. Growth remains strong and the target for 2018 is to sell SEK 1 billion worth of tickets. In three years’ time, we estimate that three quarters of customers will be buying their tickets in the app.

“Interest in buying tickets in Västtrafik To Go has exceeded our expectations. Many of our customers appreciate the app and think that it makes everyday life easier. Customers can now buy tickets whenever and wherever they want. A little bit like having a Västtrafik ticket office in your pocket,” says Lars Backström, Managing Director of Västtrafik.

Popular news stories from last year: lending and swishing

In 2017, a number of new features were launched in the app. These include the ability to lend your period ticket to friends and family. Another popular addition is being able to pay for your ticket using swish.

Cashback has also been introduced for those who travel often but not often enough to make a period ticket worthwhile. If you make four journeys within a period of seven days, you receive 20 per cent of the cost as cashback, money that is added to your wallet in the app and can be used for future journeys.

New in the app in 2018

We are continuing to develop the app based on the needs and wants of our customers. One of the things we will be looking at this year is how we can make the information in the app more personalised, based on how you travel. 

The Västtrafikkort will still be used alongside our digital initiatives. 

Published 2018-02-13
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