More electric buses for Gothenburg

Västtrafik, Region Västra Götaland and the City of Gothenburg have reached an agreement to increase the pace of the switch to electric buses in the Gothenburg area. Electric buses are both quieter and zero-emission vehicles and so reduce the problems of noise and poor air quality. 

Over twenty buses in the pipeline

More than twenty electrically driven buses are planned to be operating on the streets of Gothenburg within a couple of years. When the time comes for Västtrafik to award contracts for bus services in Gothenburg again in 2020, electrification will be part of the standard requirements.

Electric buses are popular with Gothenburg residents 

There are currently four electric buses and seven plug-in hybrids operating on line 55 between Chalmers/Johanneberg and Lindholmen Science Park, as part of the ElectriCity collaboration. This is a successful cooperative venture and the electric buses are appreciated by Gothenburg residents. There are also plans to expand ElectriCity with more electric buses next year. Västtrafik is also looking at introducing electric buses on more lines, including line 60 between Redbergsplatsen and Masthugget. More than 20 electric buses are planned over the next few years, but in the longer term there may be many more, thanks to the new agreement.

Published 2018-02-13