Västtåg kör genom landskap med träd och en sjö.

Increases in all forms of transport

Travel is increasing for all forms of transport. The largest percentage increase is in train transport, where travel has increased by 35 per cent over the past five years. In 2017, there were 21 million journeys by train in West Sweden, compared with just under 16 million in 2012.

Buses carry the highest total number of passengers. Last year, 166 million journeys were made on Västtrafik’s buses, compared with 130 million passengers five years ago. This represents an increase of 28 per cent.

Travel by tram in Gothenburg also accounts for a large proportion of journeys. In 2017, there were 126 million journeys made by tram. Five years ago, the equivalent figure was 108 million, which represents an increase in travel by tram of 16 per cent over this period.

Travel by ferry also reached record levels in 2017, with 7 million journeys.

Busiest line

Västtrafik’s most-travelled line is tram line 6 between Kortedala and Länsmansgården in Gothenburg. There were 16.3 million journeys made on this line last year, which is equivalent to around 45,000 journeys per day.

Published 2018-02-13
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