Bussar utanför Borås resecentrum.

New opening hours

With the opening of the ticket office, we are taking the opportunity to extend the opening hours by one hour in both the morning and evening, Monday–Friday. The new opening hours will be 6 am–7 pm. The ticket office will also be open on Saturdays 8 am–5 pm.

Ticket office at Södra torget closing

Our ticket office at Södra torget will be open for the last time on 30 October. We are moving our ticket office from Södra torget to make it more accessible for customers. There are more passengers going through Borås travel centre and the need for a Västtrafik ticket office is therefore greater than at Södra torget. It will also be easier for customers travelling by train to visit the ticket office, as Central Station is right next to the travel centre.

If you want to buy a ticket at Södra torget in the future, please visit Pressbyrån or Torgkiosken. 

Published 2018-02-13
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